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Palm Beach Recovery Coalition, Inc.
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When I came to Palm Beach Recovery Coalition, I had spent 20+ years suffering the consequences of alcoholism and drug addiction.  My disease had given me nothing but humiliation, degradation and for over half my life, incarceration.  I had finally reached the point of desperation which for me turned out to be a blessing.  All my half-measures and shortcuts had failed miserably.  I was confused and ashamed.  The only thing I was sure of was that I did not want to live that way anymore.  This was when I was fortunate enough to come to Palm Beach Recovery Coalition.  From the very start, I was provided with encouragement, support, structure and an environment that allowed me to start building the foundation for my recovery. Through the good times and bad, I was able to take the power away from my disease and apply it to rebuilding my life.  I am now over 18 months clean and sober and I still rely on the basics of what I was taught when I first came to Palm Beach Recovery Coalition – a solid recovery depends on a solid foundation.  Through recovery, I have regained self respect, achieved goals and have a future that a year and a half ago I could not have believed possible.  Palm Beach Recovery Coalition not only helped me start my journey of recovery, they are still a very large part of my life and support system – encouraging me every step of the way and sharing the joys of my achievements.  -   Chris

Turned my life Around

Before coming to Palm Beach Recovery Coalition, I had been using drugs for 27 years.  My life was centered around the using and selling of drugs.  I thought there were only two ways out – going to prison for life or dying…I was fine with either result.  After coming to Palm Beach Recovery Coalition, I’ve learned of a third way out: to live a clean way of life without the selling and using of drugs.  Today, I’ve never been happier in my life.  I love myself today.  I will be forever grateful to Palm Beach Recovery Coalition for helping me to turn my life around.  I would not give it up for anything in the world.

-   Eric

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  Help Me Save My Life

Thank you Palm Beach Recovery for helping me to save my life!

- Harry